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Pan(dem)ic was composed during the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the entire world hard in 2020, causing massive deaths and collapses of healthcare systems and economies from all over.  The piece embodies the immense uncertainty and sense of dread associated with these dark times, expressing various emotional states ranging from anxiety to catatonia, from despair to anger.  Towards the end of the piece, there is a subtle reference to Beethoven’s “Muss es sein?” motif from his string quartet no. 16, op. 135.  A wide range of viola timbres are explored within this piece, showcasing a melange of strings techniques.

Performance History

Premiered by violist Christoven Tan on the online release of "CSS Showcases SG New Music Talents" on 18 November 2020, a production by the Composers Society of Singapore


CSS Showcases SG New Music Talents 2020 is a digital production by the Composers Society of Singapore (CSS).

This digital concert programme is made possible by the Digital Presentation Grant (DPG) from the National Arts Council (NAC) Singapore.

Filming at Pavane Recording Studio on 23 Sep 2020 (W)
Sound Engineer - GAO Yang (Pavane Recording Studio)
Director of Filmography - Aaron Andrew ANG (Hei Studio)
Camera Assistant - CHAN Qi Yan (Hei Studio)

Producer and AV Post-Production - Timothy S. H. TAN

Special thanks to 

Pavane Recording Studio , 

project sponsor Eight Tones Music School , 

and Timothy S. H. TAN for making this digital production possible.

Pan(dem)ic (2020)

for solo viola

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