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In Search of Plum Blossoms


The plum blossom has always occupied a significant role in the history of Chinese cultural consciousness, and remains well-loved and sought after today. To the ancient Chinese, this flower symbolises resilience, purity, and elegance, and is regarded to be the leader of all flowers. The themes and motifs within In Search of Plum Blossoms are constructed from various musical elements borrowed from the classic ancient Chinese tune Mei Hua San Nong as well as the canonical nanyin piece Mei Hua Cao, expressing the composer's regard and longing for the noble and transcendent character embodied by the plum blossom.


This piece received the “Outstanding Work” award at the 2021 Dunhuang Award.

In Search of Plum Blossoms 寻梅(2021)
for Chinese Chamber Ensemble

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