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Duality (2020) for pipa and concert accordion.  To be premiered by Qi Jie (pipa) and Jose Valenti (accordion) in Beijing.


After Autumn (2018) for solo piano

A Set of Piano Tidbits (2018) for solo piano

Operatic Resonances (2018) for solo soprano saxophone, premiered on 31 May 2019 by Seung-Dong Lee on the inaugural "Dot The Line" New Music Festival held in Seoul, South Korea.

Frozen Motion (2017) for solo piano, written in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Composers' Society of Singapore, and premiered by Moritz Ernst on 17 August 2017, in the Lee Foundation Theatre, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore.

The Maverick (2017) for 2 pianos 8 hands, commissioned by the Susan B. Anthony Center, and lovingly dedicated to the studio of Prof. Tony Caramia of the Eastman School of Music (a.k.a. the 410 gang), to be premiered on 7 March 2017 in the Hochstein School of Music, Rochester, New York, USA.

Huis clos (2016) for solo piano, premiered on 24 March 2016 by pianist Daniel Pesca in Hatch Recital Hall, Eastman Theater, Rochester, New York, USA.  Also performed by pianist Tatiana Gorbunova on the 18th Biennial Festival of New Music organized by the Florida State University College of Music on February 3, 2017, in the Opperman Music Hall in Tallahassee, Florida.  Awarded Honorable Mention in the Frost School of Music Ensemble Ibis International Composition Competition (2016).  (Audio-only recording here.)

Elegy (2014) for solo cello, premiered on 25 September 2014 by cellist Pedro Sánchez in Hatch Recital Hall, Eastman Theatre, Rochester, New York, USA.

Seven Miniatures for Piano (2014), premiered on 27 March 2014 by pianist Kevin Wang in Hatch Recital Hall, Eastman Theater, Rochester, New York, USA.  Also performed by pianist Shane Thio in the inaugural concert of the SETTS Ensemble, held on 27 September 2015 in the Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore. 



How Dare You? (2019) for variable instrumentation.  To be premiered by Ensemble in Process on 18 April 2020, at Scholes Street Studio in Brooklyn, New York.

life is an illusion (2019) for pipa, erhu, clarinet in Bb, viola, percussion, and tape.  Composed for the 4th Sound Bridge Contemporary Music Festival.  Premiered on 23 November 2019 by Qi Jie (pipa), Yang Xue (erhu), Tsai Pei-Lun (clarinet), Yoshiko Hannya (viola), and Aris Huzaimi (percussion), under the baton of Lee Kong Liang, in the Experimental Studio of Taylor University (KL, Malaysia). 

Trio for 6: "Flowers" (2019) for dizi, sheng, erhu, guzheng, ruan, percussion.  Commissioned by the Ding Yi Music Company.  Premiered on 14 September 2019 by 3peoplemusic - Kuo Min-Chin (guzheng), Pan I-Tung (ruan), Jen Chung (dizi), as well as three members from the Ding Yi Music Company - Fred Chan Hong Wei (erhu), Soh Swee Kiat (sheng), and Low Yik Hung (percussion), under the baton of Quek Ling Kiong, in the Esplanade Recital Studio (Singapore).

how deep is the ocean? (2019) for piccolo and clarinet in Bb.  Commissioned by National Gallery Singapore and The Philharmonic Winds.  Premiered on 26 and 27 October 2019 by Sheng Jia-Min (piccolo) and Cheong Mun Hoe (clarinet in Bb) at the National Gallery of Singapore.

Reminiscences of Yuan Xiao (2018) for Chinese chamber ensemble.  Awarded first prize (large ensemble category) in the 3rd Singapore International Composition Competition for Chinese Chamber Music, "Composium 2018," organized by the Ding Yi Music Company (Singapore).  Also subsequently performed by the Ding Yi Music Company at the China-ASEAN Music Week on 30 May 2019 in Nanning, Guangxi, 成都天资国乐 on 21 June 2019 in Chengdu, Sichuan, and the Little Giant Chinese Chamber Ensemble on 11 December 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Mind Monkey (2017) for percussion trio, premiered on 23 March 2017 by Cameron Leach, Josh McClellan, Catherine Cole in Hatch Recital Hall, Eastman Theater, Rochester, New York, USA.  Also performed by Han-Chih Tai, Ching-Ying Peng, and Meng-Tzu Tsai from the Ju Percussion group on 22 October 2018 in the Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) Concert Hall as part of the 35th Asian Composers League (ACL) Conference and Festival.  Awarded the Wayne Brewster Barlow Prize (2017) by the Eastman School of Music. (Audio-only recording here.)

Four Songs (2015) for mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet in Bb, violin, cello and piano, premiered on 26 March,2015 by Hailey McAvoy, Martha Chan, Joey Duncan, Benjamin Kronk, Pedro Sánchez, and Alex Yuill in Kilbourn Hall, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York, USA.  Awarded the Bernard Rogers Memorial Prize (2015) by the Eastman School of Music.  "Rag Doll" and "Snow" were also performed by Hailey McAvoy, Martha Chan, Joey Duncan, Yunwen Chen, and Alex Yuill on the "Women's Voices" concert celebrating 100 years of New York Women's Right to Vote, held on 5 March 2017 at the Kilbourn Hall, Eastman School of Music.

White Moon (2014) for flute, clarinet in Bb, violin, cello and piano, premiered on 3 February 2014 by Martha Chan, Kamalia Freyling, Winnie Law, Stephanie Chen and Anh Dang Minh Vu in Kilbourn Hall, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York, USA.  Also performed by the same musicians on the opening concert of the 10th Anniversary Women in Music Festival on 24 March 2014 in the Lowry Hall, Eastman School of Music.

Autumn Blues (2013) for solo erhu and solo zhongruan, with niibori guitar sextet.  Commissioned by the Centre for the Arts (CFA) of the National University of Singapore (NUS) , and premiered during the concert Asian Waves: The Changing Face of Asia as part of the NUS Arts Festival 2012 by the players of the Guitar Ensemble of NUS (GENUS) in conjunction with erhu soloist Ms. Wang Jia Yao and Zhongruan soloist Ms. Cheng Tzu-Ting under the baton of the composer on 11 March 2012, at the University Cultural Centre Hall, Singapore. Also separately recorded and produced as part of the album “Singaporean Original Compositions for Niibori Guitar Orchestra”, produced by the NUS. (2012)  A separate version for solo erhu, solo zhongruan and piano accompaniment is available.


Vocalise (2019) for 2-channel fixed media playback.

Mantra (2016) for 4-channel fixed media playback.  (Audio-only version here.)


Lingering Resonances of the Street Opera Gongs (2020), commissioned by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, to be premiered by the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra on 15 August 2020 under the baton of Quek Ling Kiong in the SCO concert hall, Singapore. 

Princess Miao Shan (2019), commissioned by the Toronto Chinese Orchestra, premiered on 9 June 2019 under the baton of Chih-Sheng Chen (Toronto, Canada).

Seven Miniatures for Orchestra (2015), commissioned by the MusicNova Orchestra, premiered on 24 January 2016 under the baton of Warren Cohen. Awarded the Louis Lane Award (2016) by the Eastman School of Music.  (Audio-only recording here.)


Im Nebel (2014) for SATB chorus.  A scaled-down version premiered on 30 March 2014 by soprano Rose Hegele, alto Hailey McAvoy, tenor Sanders Lau, and bass Trevor Cook, at the Ray Wright Room, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York, USA.

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