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...and she said... (2021) for mezzo-soprano and violin Pan(dem)ic (2020) for solo viola Duality (2020) for pipa and concert accordion After Autumn (2018) for solo piano A Set of Piano Tidbits (2018) for solo piano Operatic Resonances (2018) for solo soprano saxophone Frozen Motion (2017) for solo piano The Maverick (2017) for 2 pianos 8 hands Huis clos (2016) for solo piano Elegy (2014) for solo cello Seven Miniatures for Piano (2014) for solo piano


In Search of Plum Blossoms (2021) for Chinese chamber ensemble How Dare You? (2019) for variable number of voices and found objects life is an illusion (2019) for pipa, erhu, clarinet in Bb, viola, percussion, and tape Trio for 6: "Flowers" (2019) for dizi, sheng, erhu, guzheng, ruan, percussion how deep is the ocean? (2019) for piccolo and clarinet in Bb Reminiscences of Yuan Xiao (2018) for Chinese chamber ensemble Mind Monkey (2017) for percussion trio Four Songs (2015) for mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet in Bb, violin, cello and piano White Moon (2014) for flute, clarinet in Bb, violin, cello and piano Autumn Blues (2013) for solo erhu and solo zhongruan, with niibori guitar sextet


Vocalise (2019) for 2-channel fixed media playback Mantra (2016) for 4-channel fixed media playback


Lingering Resonances of the Street Opera Gongs (2020) for Chinese orchestra Princess Miao Shan (2019) for Chinese orchestra Seven Miniatures for Orchestra (2015) for symphonic orchestra


Im Nebel (2014) for SATB chorus


Franz Xaver Gruber/Jay Livingston & Ray Evans: Silent Night x Silver Bells Medley (2021) for soprano, mezzo soprano, baritone, choir, and mixed symphonic and Chinese orchestra Lin Chia-Ching: 在水一方 (2021) for Chinese chamber ensemble Linying, Evan Low: The Road Ahead (2021) for Chinese orchestra, and also for mixed symphonic and Chinese orchestra Chen Gang: Nang Ma 囊玛 (2020)concerto for oboe and Chinese orchestra Antonin Dvořák: Symphony no. 9, Largo (2019) for mixed symphonic and Chinese orchestra Trad. Vietnamese Folksong: Missing You (2019) for K'ni and Chinese chamber ensemble Liu Mingyuan: A Bossa New Year 鲍萨洋洋 (2019) for Chinese chamber ensemble (bossa nova rendition of 喜洋洋) Robert Wells/Mel Tormé: The Christmas Song (2018) for dizi, erhu, daruan, oboe, trumpet, euphonium, tuba Irving Berlin: White Christmas (2018) for dizi, erhu, daruan, oboe, trumpet, euphonium, tuba Eric Ng/Sandy Lam/Tanya Chua: 纸飞机·无底洞 medley (2018) for dizi, guzheng, pipa, daruan, erhu, bass guitar, drumset Huang Haihuai:赛马 (2017) for erhu duo Robert Casteels: A Line Runs Away (2011) for yangqin and Chinese chamber ensemble


Xue Gang: The Fire of Youth 薛刚反唐 之 少年风云 (2013)