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Programme Notes

Mind Monkey is a work inspired by the Buddhist concept of the unsettled mind.  The concept of the “mind monkey” or “monkey mind” is referenced in a number of Buddhist texts, where the mind is compared to a monkey - active, capricious, and often prone to distractions.  The various interactions between the three percussionists within this work may be understood as the inconstant state of the restless mind, driven by its whims and flights of fancy.

Performance History

Premiered by Cameron Leach, Josh McClellan, Catherine Cole on 23 March 2017 in Hatch Recital Hall, Eastman Theater, Rochester, New York, USA. 

Performed by Han-Chih Tai, Ching-Ying Peng, and Meng-Tzu Tsai from the Ju Percussion group on 22 October 2018 in the Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) Concert Hall as part of the 35th Asian Composers League (ACL) Conference and Festival 



Awarded the Wayne Brewster Barlow Prize (2017) by the Eastman School of Music



Mind Monkey (2017)

for percussion trio

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