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Commissioned by the Susan B. Anthony Center

Lovingly dedicated to the studio of Prof. Tony Caramia of the Eastman School of Music (a.k.a. the 410 gang)

Premiered by the Caramia studio on 7 March 2017 at the Hochstein performance hall, Rochester, New York, USA

I: March

II: Dance

III: Scherzo

When the idea for a studio concert celebrating the works of women composers was first put forward, I was asked by Prof.Tony Caramia to compose a short and fun piece that would involve the entire studio. I eventually decided to write a piece for two pianos and eight hands (two players at each piano), comprising three short movements, thereby being able to involve all members of the studio by having different people assigned to the different movements.Though quirky and silly in character, the piece has been carefully constructed from a tone row of eleven of the twelve pitch classes used in Western classical music, omitting the B-natural right till the very end of the piece.The pitch material used throughout all three movements have been derived from this tone row in rather different ways, ranging from using the row as a reference to constructing strict combinatorial arrays. The title The Maverick may be understood on various levels: on the surface, the "maverick" refers to the resounding B-natural right at the end of the piece, but could also allude to the piece itself, for its rare two-piano-eight-hands instrumentation. Furthermore, it is dedicated to all the mavericks of our lovely studio, ranging from our somewhat nonconformist teacher Mr. Caramia (affectionately known to us as “Mr. C”), to all my amazing studio mates who are similarly quirky in their own unique ways.


The Maverick (2017) for 2 pianos 8 hands

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