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Commissioned by the Ding Yi Music Company for the Chinese Chamber Music Festival 2019

Programme Notes

Commissioned by the Ding Yi Music Company, the title Trio for 6 is a playful nod to the Chinese name of the Taiwanese Chinese chamber ensemble 3People Music, for whom this piece is composed, together with three more musicians from the Ding Yi Music Company.  The timbres of the various instruments played by the six musicians are constantly combined and reconfigured in different ways to create a maximum of three different musical layers at any one time, thereby functioning as a trio for six musicians, and also to showcase the heterophonic nature of Chinese folk and classical music.  The entire piece alternates between frivolous and serious passages woven from a musical collage of musical quotations from Chinese folk and classical tunes featuring different species of flowers, resulting in a colorful melange of timbres and textures, serving as a musical metaphor for a vibrant garden of flowers, sometimes neat and organized, as if tended to in an ancient garden, or sometimes messier and more haphazard, as if blooming in the wild.





Performance History

Premiered by 3peoplemusic - Kuo Min-Chin (guzheng), Pan I-Tung (ruan), Jen Chung (dizi), as well as three members from the Ding Yi Music Company - Fred Chan Hong Wei (erhu), Soh Swee Kiat (sheng), and Low Yik Hung (percussion), under the baton of Quek Ling Kiong, on 14 September 2019 in the Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore.


Trio for 6: "Flowers"  六个人的三重奏:《花》(2019)

for dizi, gaoyinsheng, erhu, guzheng, ruan, percussion 

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